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CellarPro 1800qtl

CellarPro 1800qtl
CellarPro 1800qtl CellarPro 1800qtl CellarPro 1800qtl CellarPro 1800qtl CellarPro 1800qtl CellarPro 1800qtl CellarPro 1800qtl CellarPro 1800qtl CellarPro 1800qtl
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Cellar Pro 1800 QTL Cooling Unit for Wine Cellar

80 cu.ft - can replace BZ 1060  - 1800 BTU - can be installed Through Wall -Smaller Cabinets - Indoor and Residential Use only

Our Quietest Wine Cooling Unit provides outstanding performance with features Adjustable Humidity Control, Capacity of 80 cubic feet (in properly insulated and sealed wine cellars) / Specifically designed for Smaller Wine Cabinets. Can be installed through-the-wall in Small Wine Cellars for Non-Ducted Applications. Please Note: CellarPro 1800QTL Wine Cooling Units can be used immediately to replace Breezaire 1060 Cooling Units. 

Our quietest wine cooling unit. Replaces Breezaire 1060 cooling units.

CellarPro's 1800QTL is our quietest Wine Cooling Unit, while providing Outstanding Performance and Adjustable Humidity Control. Designed for Smaller Wine Cabinets with the capacity of 80 cubic feet. CellarPro Cooling Units can be installed through-the-wall in Small Wine Cellars for Non-Ducted Applications.

Interchangeable Top Vent/Back Vent Exhaust makes it easy to redirect the hot air exhaust to suit different applications, while the Removable Steel Case allows the cooling unit to be repaired in the field. Other features include a Maintenance-Needed Indicator, Audible and Visual Alarms, Epoxy-Coated Coils and a Rust proof Condensate Pan.


Options & Modifications

  • Auto-Dialer
    An added level of protection for expensive wine collections, an Auto-Dialer is recommended for wine collectors who travel frequently and/or for wine cellars that are located in warm climates. The Auto-Dialer will warn you remotely, calling up to 4 phone numbers that you program in advance, if the Cooling Unit has triggered an alarm and/or has lost power. Additional features include Programmable Pauses and Tone/Pulse Dialing. The Auto-Dialer is directly wired to the Cooling Unit with the wiring exiting from the rear of the Cooling Unit. The Auto-Dialer also has 9-volt standby battery backup in case of power outage. 
  • Cord Out Side
    The 8-foot, 16-gauge Grounded Power Cord can be routed to exit from the left side of the Cooling Unit, just below the Power Outlet. This modification is designed for cooling unit installations where the power outlet is located inside the cellar.


    Condensate Fitting & Tube
    A Condensate Fitting is recommended when the Cooling Unit will be installed in a Wine Cellar. The fitting allows excess condensation to drain from the rear of the Cooling Unit through the Vinyl Tube. The included tubing measures 8' long with a 1/2" I.D.


    Vent Exhaust Configuration
    CellarPro offers the choice of Top or Rear Vent Exhaust configuration for your Wine Cooling Unit. The Vent Panel can also be swapped in the field for interchangeable Top/Rear Vent Exhaust.


    White Louvered Grill
    If you are using your Cooling Unit as a through-the-wall system, this Louvered Grill can be installed outside the Cellar to cover the rear of the Unit. The Grill can be painted to blend with surrounding décor. Measures 20" by 12".


    Air Filter and Frame
    Imagine--no more coils to clean! When the Filter becomes dirty, simply pull out the Frame, replace the dirty filter with a clean one, and return the Frame to the Cooling Unit. The Fiber Orientation and Graduated Density of this Filter are designed to capture more dust and particles than other synthetic filters.

    If you are replacing a Cooling Unit in a Wine Cabinet other than a Le Caché you may also need the following optional accessories:

             - Mounting Clips (Pair)

             - Fluorescent Light


Additional Options: (see pictures above)

   -  Cellar Pro Remote Display Control Unit - Add $295

   -  Cellar Pro Cold Temperature Compressor Heater - Add $175

   -  Cellar Pro Split System Oudoor Hood - Add $395

   -  Cellar Pro Bottle Probe - Add $150

    -  Add Cord Out side modification - Add $75

    -  Condensate Fitting and Tube - Add $99

    -  Condenser Brush - Add $19.99

    -  CP Front Intake Hood - Add $165

    -  White Louvered Grill - Add $75

    -  CP Louvered Wood Grill Cover - Add $199

    -  Configured Factory Top Vent (standard)

    -  Configured Factory Rear Vent - Add $199

    -  Mounting Clips  - Add $15

    -  1800 Air Filter & Frame - Add $30

    -  Optional 5 Years Limited Extended Warranty - Add $99

    -  Shipping & Handling is included - Select your Sales Tax from drop down menu



    -  Powder-Coated Dark Grey Finish
    -  Electronic Thermostat
    -  3-Digit Digital LED Display
    -  Programmable Control
    -  Adjustable Humidity Control
    -  Energy-Saver Mode
    -  Quick-Chill Mode
    -  Audible and Visual Alarms
    -  High-Output Compressor
    -  Electrofin Coated Coils
    -  Oversized Compressor and Coils
    -  Precision Expansion Valve
    -  Three System Probes
    -  Min/Max Temperature
    -  Maintenance-Needed Indicator
    -  Auto-Defrost Cycle
    -  Ultra-Quiet Operation (> 60 dBA)
    -  Power On/Off Switch
    -  Interchangeable Top Vent/Back Vent Exhaust
    -  Rustproof Condensate Pan
    -  Acoustic and Thermal Insulation
    -  Removable Steel Case
    -  Vibration-Free Operation
    -  8' 16-Gauge Grounded Power Cord Exits From the Rear
    -  3-Amp Light Receptacle, Grounded AC Outlet
    -  ETL Certified (UL Standards)
Note: This cooling unit is designed to replace Breezaire 2200 and WineMate 2500 top and back vented cooling units. Before purchasing a CellarPro cooling unit, (1) check the power cord placement on your existing cooling unit, and (2) check that the outside dimensions match your existing cooling unit.
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