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The right Wine Cellar

The right Wine Cellar
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About Wine CellarsChoosing the Right Wine Cellar

The theory is simple: wine cellars are intended to create the temperature and humidity conditions found in the natural cellars (called “caves” in France). The finest wines of the world age in an environment of 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit and 60 to 70% humidity, they are able to mature slowly, generating various aromas and flavors that give the wine complexity. The whole point of a wine cellar is simply to allow fine wine not to be spoil by environmental stress such as odors, heat, temperature swings, light and dryness. Given proper conditions, age worthy wines continue to improve for years to come.

Finding the Right Wine Cellar
Asking which wine cellar is right for you is like asking which car is right for you, it all depends how you’re going to use it.

All of the cellars available through Bacchus Wine Cellars perform the tasks of temperature and humidity control which can suit your need. The most important question is where your wine cellar will be placed (in-door, out-door, hot, cold, dry, humid…), not all wine cellars on today’s market can accomplish all those needs, for example: If you want a built-in wine cellar, you will need a front-venting unit that can be backed against a wall, also if you have 50 bottles and do not plan to upgrade your collection, do not buy a 200 bottles wine cellar because a half empty wine cellar does not work properly. Then you can wonder about aesthetics: Do you want the cellar to be in your living room or your garage.

A third important question is: How big do you expect your collection to grow? If you have 80 bottles now and expect to add up to 700, then a free-standing, self-contained unit is perfect. But if you plan to go over you will want to consider a walk-in wine cellar in which case you will need to install insulation, a cooling system, and a racking system. In short, wine cellars come in a variety of sizes, styles, and capability related to your specific need. If you want to find the right storage system for you, please feel free to call us at the below numbers.
Aging Wine…A Classic

Aging wine is a pleasure… a classic art people have enjoyed for centuries, but it is not an easy process. An expensive young wine from an excellent vintage does not insure a high-quality, mature wine. The conditions under which a wine ages are as important as the wine itself. People who realize this spend much time and money custom-building wine cellars… only to install inappropriate refrigeration equipment to control the temperature and humidity. Few people are aware that a proper cooling system, not an expensive wine cellar, is the key to storing and aging wine.



Although readily available, standard refrigeration equipment is not appropriate for storing and aging wine... Why not?

  • Designed for Food Products
    Standard refrigeration equipment is designed specifically for the preservation of food products, not for the storage of wine. What works for beef and tomatoes is not appropriate for expensive wine.
  • Designed for Quick Chilling
    Standard refrigeration equipment must be able to chill food products as quickly as possible to prevent spoilage. This is achieved by blasting cold air to reach a desired temperature. Once this temperature is reached, standard refrigeration equipment shuts off, only to blast cold air again when the temperature rises. This frequent, erratic temperature change is harmful to wine.
  • Designed to Remove Heat and Moisture
    Standard refrigeration equipment is designed to remove the heat and moisture food products give off or else frost and mildew will form. Wine does not give off heat or moisture. Thus, the environment standard refrigeration equipment creates is too dry for wine. This will cause wine corks to shrink, resulting in leakage and ruined wine.
  • Designed to be Competitive
    Standard refrigeration equipment is designed to be competitive, so vibration, noise and appearance are not given any priority. Vibration will eventually destroy a fine wine and loud noises or poor appearance reduces enjoyment of any well-designed wine cellar.

Purchasing wine is an investment and should be cared for with a cooling system designed specifically for the storage and aging of expensive wines.

We Hope this information was helpful to you. Please consider the small investment of having a CLIMATE AND HUMIDITY controlled wine cellar. Compared to the MAXIMUM loss of your COLLECTION.

Remember, a WINE CELLAR is NOT A HOSPITAL, when your wine is ruined, it is too late!. Use preventive medicine, invest in your wines' future health TODAY.

In France and Europe, protection of wine is taken very seriously. Connoisseurs would not even consider buyer a bottle of vintage without having the proper storage unit!. If they DO NOT HAVE A CELLAR, they will wait to purchase any FINE WINE before they can BE STORED PROPERLY! STOP WASTING MONEY on wine, until you CAN protect it.

If you CARE about your WINE INVESTMENT, please call us at (281) 496-4495 or use our contact us form or email us at  This one step could potentially save you a LOT OF MONEY! DON'T SETTLE FOR SECOND BEST, isn't it better to spend a little more now, instead of A LOT MORE LATER?


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