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eSommelier System

eSommelier System
eSommelier System eSommelier System eSommelier System eSommelier System eSommelier System eSommelier System
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eSommelier - Wine Cellar Management

The eSommelier Wine Cellar Management System provides the simplest and most efficient way to organize your wine cellar and is one of our most popular products for owners of any size wine cellar.

Its elegant touch screen color display includes all the software and processing power built-in. Setting up the eSommelier is as simple as taking it out of the box and plugging it in. Yet, it also has powerful features such as access from any computer and printing custom reports. Now, you can not only see the price you paid for the wine, but also it's current worth. eSommelier regularly updates wine valuations and synchronizes that new data with your system, giving you on-going valuation info, by bottle, or across the spectrum of your collection.

The included Bar Code Printer creates a bar coded label for each bottle entered into eSommelier. The labels use a special adhesive which leave no residue if removed. Every bottle will have a unique address and identity so you can know exactly what you have and where it's located at any time. The included Bar Code Scanner makes adding and removing bottles from your cellar easy. Simply wave the bottle under the Bar Code Scanner and walk away. That particular bottle will be automatically deleted from your inventory. Returning unused bottles is just as simple. Easily add multiple bottles at once using the touch screen interface, and add your own wine label art or choose from an extensive database. Keep your cellar organized with ease with the eSommelier. 

We offers several products and accessories to help manage your wine collection with eSommelier. When cataloging a bottle of wine, you simply select the Country, Region, Variety, Winery and Vintage from a prompted list. You don’t have to type in all this information which makes entering your wine much easier than the typical spreadsheet style programs.

    - Display: 15” LCD Touch Screen
    - Dimensions: 11.5"H x 14"W x 10.5"D
    - Processor: Via Eden 667MHz
    - Memory: 256MB
    - Storage: 20GB hard drive
    - Capacity: Unlimited
    - Expanded Database of Label Art (more than 30,000 wine label images)
    - Bar Code Printer creates customizable bar code labels
    - Bar Code Scanner makes adding and removing bottles from your cellar easy
    - Downloadable reports from MyWine
    - Connectivity: Ethernet port for Internet/LAN
    - Networking: Can be accessed from any PC on network using VNC
    - Backup: Internal flash drive backs up user data
    - Accessories: 4 USB ports for approved accessories
    - Mounting Options: Compatible with 75mm VESA mounts
    - Online Software & Database Updates: Available for 1 year at no charge
    - Our Price include Shipping & Handling - Sales Tax not included where applicable
    - Warranty: 1 year (parts and labor)  
Additional Options: (prices do not include S&H&Tax)
   -  eSommelier Annual Software Update / Warranty Extension - Add $599.00
   -  eSommelier Spreadsheet Upload Software - Add $599.00
   -  eSommelier Synchronization Software - Add $599.00
   -  eSommelier Temperature / Humidity Sensor - Add $1099.00
   -  Wine Rack Labeling Clips - Add $29.95
   -  Epicureanist Metallic Bottle Marker - Add $9.95
  $599.00    Spreadsheet Upload Software  
An accessory for collectors who already have their collection organized in Microsoft Excel format. This software allows that data to be imported into the eSommelier system. Some reformatting will be required.


       $999   Temperature/Humidity Sensor
The Temperature/Humidity Sensor is an accessory that monitors and collects temperature and relative humidity (RH) in your wine cellar. Plugs into one of the USB ports on the eSommelier system.   






   Update Package (Annual)
eSommelier - Update Keeps the features of eSommelier current. Enables the continuation of sofware and database updates. Continues access to the MyWine Portal and Multiple Cellar Software. Includes automatic online database backup. Extends the warranty on all your eSommelier products and accessories.  $599.00 








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