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Wine Room DeLuxe 1300

Wine Room DeLuxe 1300
Wine Room DeLuxe 1300 Wine Room DeLuxe 1300 Wine Room DeLuxe 1300 Wine Room DeLuxe 1300 Wine Room DeLuxe 1300 Wine Room DeLuxe 1300
Product Code: WRVC-1300
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Price: $7,995.00
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* Doors Types:

* Exterior Color Finishes:

* Insulation & Cooling:

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De Luxe Wine Room > Model 1300


Standard & Optional features:

  • Wine Room - for regulating proper temp/humidity for long-term wine aging. (Assembly required with hardware and instructions).
  • Door Type - Veener panel with optional thermal-insulated, and double-paned window(s) - see different styles (this option is not available at all times)
  • ExteriorOak Wood - Unfinished is Standard
  • InteriorMahogany - Unfinished is Standard
  • Racking: Redwood individual  3¼" bottles with additionao top bulk storage   
  • Cooling System is a Breezaire 4000 BTU with side venting, and LED display plus fingertip control. (Plugs into standard but dedicated outlet)
  • Cooling System "Upgrade" Cellarpro 3200 VSi with filter
  • Cooling units are placed on the right or left side of wine room and does require 2 ft of clearance for venting. 
  • Split Panel Option - available but only recommended if panels have to fit down a stairway or narrow hallway or entry.  Largest panel is 80" x 80" x 2".  Split Panels are 80" x 40" x 2".
  • Standard insulation:  1" thickness. Upgraded insulation is 2" thickness 
  • Warranty - 5 Year on Breezaire cooling system and 3 Year warranty on Cabinetry
  • Custom styling or racking and/or dimensions
  • For ex. DWR1300 takes up to 1214 bottles, Bottle count is based on standard 750 ML and space some for bulk storage. It does not however include space for stacked within the walkway storage. (1024 in rack + 190 bulk storage)
  • Dimensions:  80 1/2" Wide x  62" Deep x 80 1/2" High


Wine Room placed into a Garage:

  • If placing wine room in a garage that gets regularly gets over 85 degrees, we recommend upgrading the insulation. Breezaire 3000 and 4000 BTU cooling units run best if ambient temperature does not exceed 30 degrees over the temperature setting. For example, if ambient temperature often reaches 90 degrees we advise you set your temperature at 60-62 degrees. A bottle probe is also recommended so the cooling unit runs on liquid temperature versus air temperature. 1-2 times a year you need to vacuum out the dust from the cooling unit coils to prevent the airflow from being blocked. A dedicated 15-20 amp line electrical source is recommended for the cooling unit.
  • OPTIONAL upgrade to Cellarpro 3200 VSi recommended for those placing their wine room in warm environments that often get over 90 degrees. This unit will mount on the UPPER side panel versus the lower side panel.
  • Venting - cooling unit can be placed on the right or left panel of the wine room. You should have at least 3 ft of clearance on the side you are venting to.
  • Split Panels - We recommend having split panels if the panels need to be carried down a flight of stairs, clear any turns, or have limited space during delivery. The largest panel on a split panel is 80 1/2" x 43 1/2" wide x 2". The largest panel for standard (non split panels) are 80 1/2" x 79 3/4" x 2".
  • Temp Zone - 1 zone for Red & White wines at average range from 55-62°F
  • Warranty - 1 year full warranty on cooling unit and 4 years on compressor.
  • Our products are custom made here in the USA and shipped from the Manufacturer direct.

Shipping, Sales Tax, Availability and Discount*

  • Freight is based on weight and distance and COD via white glove delivery
  • Sales Tanot included for Options wherever applicable (select your state from drop down menu and we will add it up manually with options selected)
  • Availability: 8-10 Weeks depending of the time of the order you will be notified -- these are being "custom made" is the reason why it takes so long!
  • Discount/Rebate *: if paid by (Commercial or Corporate check) we will share the savings of the credit card discount rate!
  • Shipping/Freight approx $895 - $995 for Continental USA only! Shipping is paid with Sales tax on options and depends on distance. If there is a discount there we will share it as well (go out for bids)!


Options -Select from drop down menu:

  • Finishes: standard natural, light, medium, dark, black, light cherry and dark cherry, expresso
  • Exterior stain
  • Interior Lighting
  • Lock &  Key
  • Racking System: all redwood
  • Upgrade Cooling System - Listed
  • Insulation Upgrade: to R19
  • Split panel suggested - see notice above
  • Bottle Probe 


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