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How To Order Parts



please whether on our regular line and/or

NO CALLS on our Toll-Free Line either!

Text 832-641-3891 or use the form "Leave a Message" below


Thank You for your cooperation in assisting you the best we can in your parts needs.

We accept only orders and/or information about parts via EMAIL and/or in some cases via our call back feature with the part you are looking for.

Our reasons: (1) YOU have the item in front of you we do NOT .... (2) we may not have the sketch in front of us at the time of your call (3) we are driving  (4) we are in the Warehouse and/or (5) assisting other clients. etc...

WHY we made this decision?  we are getting way too many calls about parts which interrupts calls for actual orders. Yes, we know you want to order but parts are ony a small portion that takes a lot of time and it is a "convenience" we offer our clientele but extend it to others browsing our website(s). So, in order to offer adequate service we are asking you to either purchase directly online and/or "leave us a Message" or email us what your concern is. Please send us a "detailed" description of your question or concern about the part (number + name of the part) and we will determine whether a call is warranted and/or if an email response is enough.


If you have a problem ordering online: please read on >

Select the option "PAYPAL" Only which will give you to 2 ways to pay either via any credit card or via Paypal only if you have an account. Clcik Here to email us your order. If you still encounter a problem at checkout just pick the option "order by telephone" or "order by mail" and we will send you a payment button to finalize your purchase. Again, Thank You for your cooperation. When you click on "PAYPAL" only you will get this form


PAY VIA our Cash.App/$AllGifts

It can be set up in minutes with a Bank Credit Card ONLY!!! NO Square nor Paypal due to the discount rate.

If you don't have an account yet you will get $5.00 credit deposited into your account after your first transaction. The link is$AllGifts or$AllGifts -- that page will have the icon for the Apple Store or Play Store for Android. You save a step by using our $AllGifts Name.


On Payment Option Page > Select 5th option > "Pay via Paypal / Debit or Credit Card" 

Step 5: Payment Method

Please select the preferred payment method to use on this order

1) Bank Transfer

2) Check / Money Order

3) Paypal Express Checkout (work for Paypal Acct only)

4) Credit or Debit Cards (doesn't work right now)

5)  Paypal / Debit / Credit Cards (2 options)

6) Free Checkout (Cash on Delivery - Local Only)



Below Select 2nd (second) option > Pay via Debit or Credit Cards 




>>  Click on This Link to View parts sketch

Technical or to Order Parts:
Via E-Mail: 

> Via Express Ordering through Paypal.Me

> Request a Payment Button via Email


> or Via Text: (832) 641-3891 or

> or Via Form "Leave a Message" below



If your address doesn't fit our address line up do the following:

Send us the following info via text or form "Leave a Message" below (right)

Full Name / Full Address /  email / telephone or cell

and we will send you an invoice to pay us with any credit cards or Paypal



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