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Payment Options


The option Credit / Debit Cards is not functioning right now so: If such is the case we're Sorry for the inconvenience ....
If you decide to place an order today select "Paypal Express" if you wish to pay via Paypal ONLY.
If you want to pay via ANY credit card pick "Paypal" only (other option) and it will give you both options including American Express and Discover.
You can also pay us via our CASH APP in your Apple Store or Play Store or via this link -- get the cash app in your apple or play stores $AllGifts is our Account.


We can also send you a Paypal INVOICE for you to pay via ANY Credit Card.
If all else fails choose options "check" or "money order" to complete your purchase and we'll send you a payment button to finalize it all with a credit card.
Otherwise even that you tried to place an order it is lost in Cyberspace.
Thank You for your understanding!
Customer Service
Bacchus Wine Cellars

On Payment Option Page > Select 5th option > "Pay via Paypal / Debit or Credit Card" 

Step 5: Payment Method

Please select the preferred payment method to use on this order

1) Bank Transfer

2) Check / Money Order

3) Paypal Express Checkout (work for Paypal Acct only)

4) Credit or Debit Cards (doesn't work right now)

5)  Paypal / Debit / Credit Cards (2 options)

6) Free Checkout (Cash on Delivery - Local Only)

7) Not on the list but just added use our CASH APP


Below Select 2nd (second) option > Pay with Debit or Credit Card 

Such as Canada and/or Overseas follow these steps:
Send us Your FULL Address, Tel, Cell phone and email via :
= Text off your cell phone to ours 832-641-3891 or email
= or via our "Leave a Message" on any of our page at the bottom right
with what you want to order and we'll send you an invoice from which you can make your payment! please do not include credit cards numbers in these message.
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