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Alarm and Monitor

Alarm and Monitor
Alarm and Monitor Alarm and Monitor Alarm and Monitor Alarm and Monitor Alarm and Monitor Alarm and Monitor
Product Code: TA-FA-D1-D2 Alarm Monitor+Dialer
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Temperature Alarm Phone Dialer Systems             discontinued

A Must For Your Wine Security!  

Comes in 2 Models:

1) The FA-I-CCA-D1 (single temperature) with Voice Message will hold up to 3 numbers and is set up for quick status such as when the temperature gets out of range, the power goes out, or if the back-up battery needs replacing. (Model A)

2) The FA-D2 (dual temperature) monitors the temperature, the power status and an external contact. It also offers remote switch control capability. Upon an alarm condition, the FA-D automatically dials up to three phone numbers with a voice message. Current temperature and alarm conditions can be checked by calling from any remote location. (Model B)

3) The FA-D2 (dual temperature) with Motion Sensor (Model C) and/or the miniAlarm Sensor are optional -- For Connection to the Freeze Alarm Deluxe: The miniAlarm Motion Alarm (Model D) comes with a 24" wire that can be extended up to 500 feet to your Deluxe Freeze Monitor. Simply hook the wires to the auxiliary alarm input on the back of the Freeze Alarm and your Motion Alarm is connected!

4) The FA-D2 (dual temperature) with Cellular Bluetooth Gateway -- great option if you do not have a landline available. Through its bluetooth capabilities, this device can reach you on any cell phone that has bluetooth when the dialer tries to contact you. For example, if land-line telephone service was unavailable where you keep your alarm dialer, usually you would never know what happened because it cannot reach you, however with this new technology you'll never be left in the dark again! By using the XLink you can provide telephone service to your alarm dialer simply by placing a cell phone next to the device. The XLink will than send all incoming calls to your dialer and when the alarm needs to dial out the call will be seamlessly completed through the cell phone! The XLink is a wireless (Bluetooth) link between your alarm dialer and a cellular phone. Perfect for access where a land line simply isn't available, the XLink is a must!  (Model E)



  • Adjustable high and low temperature alarm setpoints
  • Three telephone numbers call out, up to 16 digits each
  • Power loss call out alarm
  • Low battery call out alarm
  • Remote access to programming menu and current condition status
  • Monitors an open contact remote control switch relay; this means the unit will accept an
    input from another device and call out to notify of a problem.
  • Our full line of Temperature, Water, Humidity & Power Monitors will work with the FA-D2
  • Location identification number
  • Custom voice message recording
  • Selectable 15 minute or 2 hour call out interval
  • Selectable 10 or 3 ring call out
  • Security coded access to programming menu
  • Dials out in pulse or tone
  • LED status indicators
  • Battery back-up (9 volt-not included)


  • Power requirements: Plugs into standard 110 VAC outlet (plug-in wall transformer with six foot long cord included)
  • Sensor: Semi-conductor sensor with 1.75" x .25" nickel plated copper cap and three foot cord
  • Operating range of sensor: -49° to 199°F (-45° to 93°C)
  • Accuracy: +2°F (+2°C)
  • Remote switch: SPDT, 10 amps 24 volts resistive
  • Ambient temperature range: 32° to 140°F (0° to 60°C)
  • Humidity: 90% non-condensing
  • Weight: 3.0 pounds (1.4kg)

Option: If you have already an alarm system you can get the TA-BD-5000-7900 -- It will be loud enough to be heard from any location in your house.


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