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WKSLE 2200

WKSLE 2200
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Breezaire WKSLE 2200

When our self-contained series will not meet your needs then the WKSLE split design will provide the flexibility needed to create an ideal installation or deal with unusual site problems. Breezaire WKSLE Series cooling systems are special split systems that allow mounting of the cooling (evaporator) module in the enclosure to be cooled and the exhaust (condenser) module as far as 50 feet away. The systems are designed – when installed in a properly constructed enclosure – to provide a constant selectable temperature between 48 and 63 degrees Fahrenheit while maintaining 50 to 75 percent relative humidity.

WKSLE Series systems are designed for easy installation by any, properly equipped, qualified air conditioning or refrigeration service technician. Two copper tubes and low voltage wiring connect the two modules and power is hard wired to the units using adequately sized 110 AC volt electrical source. These systems must be charged with refrigerant during installation. The WKSL series uses Breezaire's Sentry II+ digital control system for complete control of the enclosure conditions.

There are 2 models to choose from:

 Models Cu.Ft     Bottles     BTU  Electrical      Dimensions  (WxHxD)                    Weight  
WKSLE 2200   Fan/Coil   265 .    1000     2200  1 Amps 14.25W x 14.125H x 7.75D        25 lb  
WKSLE 2200   Condenser   265 .    1000     2200  4 Amps 14.25W x 14.125H x 11.25D      35 lb  
WKSLE 4000   Fan/Coil 1000 .    4000     4000 1.5 Amps 16.25W x 22.00H x 22.25D        45 lb  
WKSLE 4000  Condenser 1000   4000     4000 7.5 Amps 16.25W x 22.00H x 22.25D        55 lb  


a)   All units are 115 Volt, 60 Hz.
b)   All four models can be manufactured with the hot air out the rear (standard) or out the top of unit (special order).
c)   All four models come with the electric cord out the front (standard) or can be routed out the rear (special order).
d)   All four models are shipped from the factory with the unit configured with the cold air routed out the front with the option of routing the cold air out the top by the installer.
e)   All four models may be ordered with optional leads for connection to external alarm system. (special order).


f)   These 2 units are ceiling mounted

g) Our prices include Shipping and Handling within the Continental USA - Sales Tax not included where applicable


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