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Click on COMPARABLE for the Wine Guardian Wine Cooling Units

CellarMate also called Wine Guardian offers top-quality, cost-effective cooling systems for wine cellars and cabinets.
CellarMate (CM-WG) is a self contained, easy to install wine cellar climate control system incorporating features typically found in more expensive systems. It is exceptionally reliable and provides levels of security and peace of mind sufficient to satisfy the most ardent wine collector.

Knowledge coupled with the expertise of a well known manufacturer of high-tech cooling systems for computer environments, led to the development of CellarMate - unique in design, unparalleled in its ability to provide trouble free performance, ETL tested to 1995 UL/CSA standards.

Both the evaporator and the condensor fans are motorized impeller plug fans with permanently lubricated direct drive motors that require no maintenance. Pre-filters on the inlet prevent dust and dirt from fouling the evaporator and condensor coils. Each unit has at least three discharge outlets on both the evaporator and condenser coils to facilitate custom installations. An external drain removes excess moisture and prevents it from being reintroduced into the cellar or ambient space.

Four Models are available to you CM025WG (800 cu.ft) the CM050WG (1500 cu.ft), the CM088WG (3000 cu.ft) and the CM0200WG (5500 cu.ft)

Cellarmate/Wine Guardian Cooling Systems

Wine Guardian REPLACE the Cellarmate Units

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