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Cellarmate 025

Cellarmate 025
Cellarmate 025 Cellarmate 025 Cellarmate 025 Cellarmate 025 Cellarmate 025 Cellarmate 025
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CellarMate 025 Professional Cooling Systems now called Wine Guardian d025

CellarMate (also called Wine Guardian) Professional Climate Control Systems are perfect for medium to
large wine rooms or for commercial applications. Your choice of self-contained and/or ducted units are
built to commercial and/or industrial specifications. They can be ceiling, floor or wall mounted, and 
they are designed for easy installation without a refrigeration contractor. Since the unit is installed in
an adjacent attic, basement or spare room, there is virtually no noise in your cellar.

CellarMate cooling systems feature industrial grade aluminum construction to prevent rusting. 
Heat and humidity options are also available. Backed by a 1-year manufacturer's limited
warranty on parts and labor. Our shipping pricesare for within the Continental USA.

CellarMate Features

  • The only self-contained and ducted system available
  • Flexible design accommodates virtually any application
  • Industrial grade aluminum construction
  • Heat and humidity options available 
  • Integrated Humidifier (Add $950)
  • ​These units now come in Black only

 Cellarmate Cooling System Specifications
 Prices do not include Sales Tax where applicable 
* Assumes a properly insulated, vapor sealed room on all sides

Model/Item #  Wine Guardian     Unit Size
   H "x W" x D"
   Cu.Ft /BTU
Sales Tax 
not included  
WineGuardian 025  item# WG-025-WG-1/4Ton  14.25 /23.5 /47.5 
  800 cu.ft
 3300 BTU


WineGuardian 050
item # CM-050-WG 1/2 Ton
14.25 /23.5 /47.5 
 1500 cu.ft
 5600 BTU
WineGuardian 088
item # CM-088-WG- 1Ton
14.25 /23.5 /47.5
3000 cu.ft
8400 BTU 
WineGuardian 200 - WG 2Tons  18.25 /23.5 /47.5 
5500 cu.ft
18000 BTU


 Cellarmate - Wine Guardian Accessories  Item # Prices
 CellarMate Accessory Kit
 (2 Duct Collars & 25' Flex Duct)
CM-ACC Kit   $299
 CellarMate 10" Duct Collars CM-10-DC   $109
 CellarMate 25' Flex Duct CM-25-FLX    $129
 Cellarmate pre-filter CM-Pre Filter   $175
 Cellarmate Heater CM-Heater   $795
 Cellarmate Humidifier CM-Humidifier   $950

  Sales Tax not included in the Options  - we will add it up manually

 WineGuardian Water Condenser   CM-WatCool Condenser   $1195
 Low Ambient Kit CM-Low Ambient Kit   $695
 Flexible Ducting CM-Flex Ducting   $109

Sales Tax not included in the Options  - we will add it up manually


Additional Options

All Options are factory-installed and require a 30-day lead time.

Humidifier - The humidifier is designed for field installation and can be retrofitted onto existing CellarMate units. Each humidifier model is furnished with an electronic digital humidistat to control the humidity in the cellar. The humidifier mounts onto the CellarMate unit using the common drain, and requires a hot water supply. No additional external power is required.

The CellarMate/Wine Guardian humidifier uses a 10" wide x 11" high x 2" thick pad. The rated output capacity for wine cellars at 55°F is 1.62.3 gallons per day (gpd) with 760°F water supply, 34.57 gpd with 950°F water, and 7.45.1 gpd with 120°F water. Weight of operating humidifier is 10 lbs. Add $595

Heating Coil - The optional heating coil is built-in and requires no additional power source. The electric heating option is factory installed and includes primary and secondary over-temperature protection devices per UL and NEC. It is located between the evaporator coil and the blower inside the transition duct. It contains the heating element and high-temperature limit switches. The heating coil is wired to work in conjunction with the thermostat. Since the thermostat prevents the heating and cooling circuits from being on at the same time, no additional power wiring is needed. Set the auto mode on the thermostat so it can automatically switch from heating to cooling.

No maintenance is required for the heating coil. To test the heating coil operation, set the thermostat on heat and set the temperature above the cellar temperature. The supply air temperature should rise above the return air. Add $795

Low Ambient Kit - This option is recommended for applications where the ambient temperatures in the mounting area are 40°F or lower. The low-ambient option utilizes a low-pressure switch and compressor crankcase heater. Add $695

Options are factory-installed and require a 30-day lead time.

Flexible Ducting - The flexible ducting is a 25’ foot length of 10" insulated ducting for the CM050, CM088, and CM200 and 8" insulated ducting for the CM025. Add $99


Optional Condenser for the CellarMate / Wine Guardian 025

A water-cooled condenser is recommended when ambient temperatures in the mounting area exceed 90°F or when sound/noise is an issue. A 1/2" water line is required for this option, replacing the condenser fan and evaporator coil. The "leaving water" is acceptable for sewer or makeup water.

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