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ChillR Wine Cooling Units (replaced by the KoolR & KoolR Plus)
The br chillR series by Koolspace is quieter, smaller and smarter.  Conveniently monitor temperatures outside your wine cellar with the chillR lighted display. Let the Koolspace super smart controls sense conditions in your room and adjust the power levels automatically. No need to fiddle with the fan and power settings. chillR wine cooling units will run as quietly as your conditions allow. Precise temperature and higher humidity levels around the clock.  Quality features including superior energy efficiency, hi-temp alarm, excess humidity warning, and a multi-level vibration suppression system. (replaced by the KoolR & KoolR Plus)
Koolspace koolR Wine Cooling Units
koolR series units offer quieter, smaller and smarter cooling for your fine wines.

With acoustic and thermal insulation, electronic controls and digital temperature sensing, Koolspace koolR series cooling units offer a quieter, smaller, smarter way to protect your wine collection.

Each unit is equipped with a convenient lit display that lets you monitor the temperature from outside your wine cellar. State-of-the-art digital temperature sensors monitor conditions in your wine room and adjust the power levels automatically, so there's no need to fiddle with the fan and power settings. A high-temperature alarm and excess humidity warning help to ensure that optimal storage conditions are maintained in your wine cellar.   


The factory is having issues getting parts to manufacturer. That note was sent to us 6 weeks
ago so now the update is:  they are projecting sometimes between Sept + October.
(1) If you have a current order on the wait list all paid for your order will go first when we are
advised. (2) if your order is missing shipping it will need to be corrected because once we are
on our way out the door to get cooling systems shipped out those completely paid (shipping
included) will go first. 
You are welcome to email us with question(s) no call on this please we have quite a list to
go through vs being able to find yours to comment on it will be easier if we have it in writing
vs on a call. We are proceeding the same way as for parts.
If you wish to be "reimbursed" that is fine -- it will take at least a week for us to be reimbursed
by the factory in order to reimburse you and you will "loose" your back-order spot.



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