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Wine Well II-BX

Wine Well II-BX
Wine Well II-BX Wine Well II-BX Wine Well II-BX
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Wine Well Wine Chillers

Are designed for commercial use.  These units quickly chill multiple bottles in just minutes.  Saves you $$$ in refrigeration costs.  No water hook-up required. Very easy to maintain and use.


The Wine Well II-BX and Microchiller
Quick-chill wine, soda, and fruit juices, plus any other canned or bottled products in your store. Our chillers are major customer-pleasers, and they will cause a store's customer base to grow due to their novelty.


Our Wine Chillers are also: 
   - Very energy efficient.
   - Completely mobile - move them anywhere in the room as fast as you can walk.
   - Extremely reliable, simple to service, and we back them completely.
   - Nearly maintenance-free - 5 minutes per week to change the water level, plus a change of water monthly.
   - In use world-wide - produced and improved continuously since 1974.
    - A certain profit center due to added impulse sales during the short wait for chilling.
    - No water connections required.
    - Plug in to any standard 115 volt outlet.
    - Vastly improves customer service.
    - Huge energy savings. 
    - Timers are available as options (select from the drop down menu above)


How it Works
With a 40 pound (18KG) flowing water charge maintained at 34°F (1°C), the chiller can reduce the temperature of a 750 ml. bottle of wine to 50°F (10°C) in 6 minutes, 45°F (7°C) in 7-8 minutes.  This performance is 25 times faster than can be accomplished in an air-based storage refrigerator.

The Chillers require no water connections.  The only regular maintenance is to check the water level weekly, add makeup water (done in minutes), and change the water periodically.  All chillers are on casters for easy mobility anywhere in the facility.

A paper towel drying cabinet is available identical to the Microchiller model except the top is solid (shown on picture).  Standard colors for the Microchiller are Almond and Gray as shown.  Custom colors for the Microchiller and Drying cabinet are available at extra cost.


Q. Why does my business need a chiller?

  This is not the most common question, but it is the most significant. 

Here are some key answers to that question: 

 1.  It Chills everything 

In a retail store, staff can always answer “certainly” to the customer holding ANY bottle and asking “have you got one of these chilled?” Some chill brown and white goods, too.  This includes wine, vodka, beer, specialty liquors or anything you like to drink cold.

2.   It adds to profits 

The short wait for chilling is golden selling time, so a retailer should always have enticing displays near the chiller.  Exploited with some thoughtful planning, the stall can add $ thousands per year in extra profits!  Many owners have confirmed this statement. 

3.   It improves service and expands the wine list 

A restaurant can expand its wine list without limit.  Also, the out-dated ice-bucket service chills wine to tasteless frigidity before the meal’s end.  But a chiller permits the diner to select his wine temperature, and the temperature is maintained with an insulating napkin.  Far superior. 

4.   It reduces energy cost 

The growing demand for electricity, plus the climate-based urgency to reduce carbon emissions, foretell large increases in the cost of electric energy.  Connecticut is already at 3 times the national average – 25¢ vs. 8¢ per kilowatt hour.  The tiny chiller sips up to 20 times less electricity than large glass-doored coolers.  Turned off at closing, the idling chiller uses only 36 kwh per month, costing at 8¢ only $2.88.  Further, it chills wine for 1/2¢ per bottle, or 50¢ per 100 bottles.  These numbers are nearly unbelievable, but they’re dead true.  A 2 or 4-door cooler’s operating cost is immensely higher, and it’s future electricity cost is going to cause choking, as it already does in Connecticut.  Prediction: chillers will be used to sell cold beer in the future as the operating cost of coolers becomes unaffordable.    



Frequently Asked Questions About the Chiller 

Q. How many bottles does the chiller hold? 
A. The round II-BX model holds eight 750 ml. bottles.  The Microchiller holds seven.  In a retail store it is rare for more than 2 or 3 bottles to be in the chiller at one time.  

Q. How long does it take to chill a bottle of wine?
 A.  That depends on the wine temperature desired and the patience of the customer.  The chiller was accepted for manufacturing because it could chill a bottle of wine from 70º F to 50º F in 6 minutes.  40º F takes about 10 minutes, which few people will stand for.  Many will take the bottle out early because the outside feels very cold.  The wine inside is not fully chilled, but the cold bottle has sort of a “sizzle” effect, which satisfies a lot of people.

Q. How complicated is a chiller to set up and use?
A.  Not complicated at all. Unpack the machine and follow the instructions, adding casters and signboard.  Fill it with tap water until the level reaches a clear mark in the chilling tank.  Plug it in and switch it on.  Done.

Q. How long does it take for the water to get cold?
A.  Tap water is usually 50º to 55º F. So the chiller will run for about 20 minutes to chill the water to 35º F.  The same is true when you shut the machine off at closing.  The water will stay well below room temperature if the chiller is off for 12 hours or less.

Q. How much maintenance is required?
A.  Very little.  Good practice is to check the water level each morning before turning the machine on. A little water is pulled out with each bottle chilled, so it is a good sign that added water is needed.  Empty the water out at least monthly and clean the tanks.  Emptying is made easy by attaching a length of tubing (supplied) to the pump’s discharge, then turn the machine on to pump out the water.

Q. Where do we get parts and service?
A . Parts are available from the manufacturer.  Service is available from any local refrigeration service company.  Ours is a common system, so a qualified mechanic knows all about it.  


Deliveries & Availibilities::

Currently the ETA is 4-6-8-10 weeks but  you are welcome to inquire just  in case the Manufacturer has some in stock and ready to go we'll find out for you.


Shipping & Handling:

You have 2 types: Commercial or Residential, then if you are in a large metropolitan area you have an add-on charge to that of commercial or residential. ie: New York, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, etc... would be considered "large" metro area thus would incurr 2 charges "Commercial or Residential" deliveries plus "large metro" deliveries.

We have condensed the shipping option in one "single" freight cost of $375 - depending on the Metro / or more disparased area there may be an additional cost and/or adjustment.


Warranty Statement

If within one year from the date of purchase, any component of the Wine Well chiller fails due to a defect
in material or workmanship, The Wine Well Chiller Co will repair or replace it free of charge. In addition, if
such repairs or replacements incur outside labor charges during the first 90 days after purchase, The Wine
Well Chiller Co will also pay such costs of this type as it deems to be reasonable. If certain components
must be replaced during any part of the warranty period the Company may request that the failed component
be returned to the factory. In such cases, the return shipping expense is charged to the user. This warranty
gives the purchaser specific legal rights, and the purchaser may also have other rights which vary from
location to location. Warranty service is available by contacting The Wine Well Chiller and/or us at Bacchus.

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